EXPOMECÂNICA 2021 proves the sector's resilience: more than 200 exhibitors, 50 foreigners and nine countries represented

The expoMECÂNICA – VII Salón de Equipamentos, Servicios y Piezas de Automoción will mark the return of the holidays in the automotive aftermarket in Portugal. The important addition of the corporate fabric to the largest national fair dedicated to the postventa reflects the vitality of the sector. Of the 212 exhibitors are confirmed, around 50 foreigners from other countries.

The national after-sales sector is showing signs of recovery and wants a (re)encounter. The strong presence of vehicle maintenance, repair and after-sales operators at the 7th Auto Equipment, Services and Parts Show, to be held from 15 to 17 October, at EXPONOR – Porto International Fair, conveys a clear message of « resilience and vitality of the sector», says José Manuel Costa, director of Kikai Eventos, the organizer of another edition of the event.

The automotive aftermarket was one of the activities that always remained active and resilient, ensuring that the supply chains were not interrupted, in order to guarantee the mobility and safety of the vehicles of all Portuguese people, including, and above all, those who were. at the forefront in terms of health.

With the organizational goals very close to reaching the numbers of the last edition, expoMECÂNICA 2021 will be «a safe place to visit and do business», guarantees Kikai Eventos, which has a detailed contingency plan approved by the General Directorate of Health (see at www.expomecanica.pt Information COVID-19).

The fair has ensured the participation of 212 exhibitors so far – distributed across three EXPONOR pavilions, occupying 16 thousand square meters, almost the entirety of the available exhibition area. And there are still four weeks to open doors…

The Organization is confident that the event will reach the dimension of the previous year and may also increase the number of participations (up to 225 exhibitors). To this end, the foreign presence is contributing a lot. There are 50 international exhibitors, from eight countries, mostly from Spain (34), Italy (9), Turkey (2), followed by representation from France, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Luxembourg.

One of the first professional fairs in Portugal and Europe

(still) in pandemic

The presence of international operators at the expoMECÂNICA 2021, stresses José Manuel Costa, «in itself, it is already revealing that we are facing an important sector of activity, which knows how to rise to the great challenges. It is, once again, clear that expoMECÂNICA is a reference in the aftermaket in Portugal».

The 7th edition of the Auto Equipment, Services and Parts Show will mark the return of sectorial after-sales fairs in Portugal. It will be one of the first fairs to be held on national territory and in Europe. The Organization remains aligned with the sector and believes in an improvement in the market, as a result of the ongoing vaccination process against the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

«Despite a long period of uncertainty, we are always working on the seventh edition of the fair. We want to present more and the best for our exhibitors, giving back the trust they have always placed in us. We want to be an inspiration for the events sector to be able to safely return to normality», says Sónia Rodrigues, the commercial director of expoMECÂNICA.

Eina Training is one of the news

With practically a month before the opening (October 15th to 17th), the Organization is preparing with the main market players a more qualified event, with a strong focus on training, debate and the digital component.

In the areas of training and debate, the fair will continue to offer visitors its most emblematic initiatives (DEMOTEC by CEPRA, the Expotalks lecture cycle and Plateau TV), but there are new things.

The new Eina Training program, with Eina’s signature, will bring yet another technological ally for aftermarket professionals into the fair.

This on-site technical training model will bring real-life scenarios, diagnoses and repairs, so that the repair professional can deal with their day-to-day more successfully, helping to cement their future in the industry.

Mini-trainings will be carried out with a duration of about 30 minutes, in a vehicle prepared for the purpose, in which malfunctions will be caused to simulate practices and expose the subject to be treated. It will certainly be a popular space at the fair, which will offer a training or demonstration every sixty minutes.

It should also be noted that the Exhibition of Miniatures and Classics, which will be present again for the third consecutive time.

See www.expomecanica.pt for all the activities poster for the 7th Auto Equipment, Services and Parts Exhibition.